Tuesday, August 7, 2012

HIP STASH - new item at my Etsy store

HIP STASH not your traditional fanny pack. Sleek and modern in every way, holds all necessities like a "go pouch".....from phone, ipod, keys, pen, receipt, grocery list, chap stick, breath mints, etc. You'll find a zippered pocket perfect for securely carrying your cash, debit/credit cards, license. With adjustable strap for variation in length.

You'll love the new concept for this fanny pack! Doesn't look like a fanny pack you've ever seen! You can find this very affordable handmade hip bag at my ETSY SHOP.

Perfect for parties, travel, craft fair, amusement park, day hike, dog walk, music festival, vendors, students, etc. Or just when you don't want to carry a bag (HANDS FREE); functional yet stylish.

Fanny packs have made a fashion comeback.


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