Thursday, May 10, 2012

Splog or just another way of advertising???

After being busy for 6 months with moving and moving again (haha, yup TWICE with packing and unpacking, NO fun at all). TODAY, I suddenly remember during my busy days of moving someone sent me an email about how he likes my blog blah blah blah, and remeber that he wants to link his site on my blog so he wouldn't lose his job, so I went and check my mail to read it one more time. It sounded sincere and not the kind of email you will just ignore.

But Serge Lavange knows how to get people. I must admit his personal approach is impeccable! Knowing that someone really enjoy reading my blog and liked it is soooo COOL! Still I had doubts, so first I searched his email address (he wrote me an email directly, the level of details and attempt to prey on my emotions are surprising) then nothing really came up that is useful to prove my uneasy feeling so I searched his name, there you go! CRAZY! Not just me but a lot of bloggers got the same email, just a few tweaks and you would really think it's almost REAL but sad thing to say it's not.

Here the email goes:

My my this the new way of advertising? What do you think? It's uncool to lure peoples emotions just to get some few views to their site. But I hope he does drop in some time and see his growing fans


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